I was a trainee at Mattorgroup

In 2012, Máté Németh has worked for 6 months at our company as a trainee. Are you curious about how he has felt himself here?

Read the interview with him!

How were first working days you have spent at Mattorgroup?
“In the first one or two days I tried to get local knowledge, to observe what the company was dealing with, and gradually became more and more involved in the current projects. After some experience, I became a student of a more experienced PLC programmer. Everyone was very helpful, so I learned a lot in a very short time. “

Was this practice useful for you?
“I found the practice extremely useful and I am very happy with the many practical skills I have acquired at Mattorgroup. I found that there are differences between theory and practice and theoretical knowledge at university is sometimes not so easy to put into practice. In addition, I learned a lot of theoretical things and I learned to see it in a realistic situation. “