We offer our custom-designed workstations to our customers for assembly and final inspection / EOL testing. With our workstations help, you can speed up working time and reduce the error rate for a lot of high-precision assembly or testing work. Workstations can be used independently, as auxiliary station next to production lines, or connected together to form a complete production line. Spectrum ranges goes from simple workstations to process-driven, product-specific fixtures using workstations with traceability systems.

Workstations can be equipped with a variety of camera monitoring and control systems to help workflows and reduce error rates. With these systems, you can easily check form, color, and damage without excluding human error.
The more common brands we use: Keyence, Omron, Cognex, Banner

Our workstations can be fully integrated into existing or newly built traceability systems, which are nowadays indispensable for sustainable and efficient production. According to customer needs we can follow of the entire workflow, the time required to complete the sub-tasks, the standstill, the required sequence, or the use of proper torque when screwing, etc.

In order to increase the efficiency of workstations, we can offer a host of additional features for our customers.

  • Automatic Operator Identification (RFID, Barcode / QR Code Reader, Fingerprint Reader, Face Detection)
  • Automatic product and semi-finished product and component recognition
  • Quick-changeable product-specific fixture
  • Pick-to-light system to help keep track of work steps order
  • Tool storage and fixing systems
  • Hand-free controls (eg. foot pedals)
  • Wide choice of monitors and displays (for both interactive and passive tasks)