We make hand-held portable devices with great expertise, from simple design to complex structure. Our fixtures are equipped with mechanical or electronic fastening according to customer requirements. It is highly recommended for precision assembly of small and large devices and for eliminating human errors.

Our testing and measuring fixtures have many functions: diameter check, gap check, form test, seal test and position control. With fixtures having Go / No-Go features, high quality and precise testing is available. Especially recommended for outer and inner plastic components used in the automotive industry.

Our welding fixtures are suitable for precise assembly of complex products and final welding. From small simple products to large composite products, our fixtures provide precise welding. Thanks to their rugged design, they provide a durable solution to support your production.

Recommended for automotive and mechanical industry for brake pipes, air and AC pipes. From a simple mechanical solution to a more complex design with pneumatic or electronic mounting. Provides a wide range of functions: shape and pressure testing, flow test, crimping and Go/No-Go tests.